A bit about me...

Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving, what you have caught on file is captured forever. It remembers little things long after you have forgotten everything. (Aaron Siskind)

For me, like for most people in this line of work, photography is first and foremost a passion. It's formed out of love for life, for color, for people, for those little moments that are around us all the time, which we should seize and make them immortal.

Quite a few years ago, around 2007, when I was working for a TV station I was asked to take photos for various events. It was then, while holding a professional camera in my hands, that I first saw what it could capture and what difference it could make, not only for me but for those around me. I can't say exactly that this was the moment when my passion was born or the moment I realized I had it, but since then, it was the thing I focused on primarily and just wanted to get better at it.

I've been to a lot of events as a photographer, whether they were weddings, christenings or press conferences, all of which gave me a wide range of experiences and allowed me not only to learn different techniques but also to develop my own style. To complete all the above, I got my bachelor's degree in photojournalism and completed a course of photographic techniques at F64.

Photography, how I see it...

Beauty can be seen in all things, seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph. (Matt Hardy)

Nowadays pictures are all around us. Whether that we are present at an event and wish to take some "memories", having lunch, watching our kinds or pets play, we're surrounded by moments captured with our phones, tablets or even cameras. We like to have them and also share them on different social network websites.

Everyone knows there's a difference between a picture and a photograph and that difference can be seen by everyone. Although, in theory, both capture moments and emotions, in the eyes of a photographer they are very different.

Seeing the world through the lenses of a camera makes it somehow more alive and allows you to capture as much or as little as you like. Taking a picture means simply pressing a button and capturing that in front of the camera, composing a photograph means taking that in front of the camera and blend it with the atmosphere, taking advantage of all the light around the subject, of all the little shadows present, wrap it in mystery and reveal not only a subject but a state of mind and the emotion itself of the subject. Just as a painter shows what he sees with the help of a canvas and his palette so does a photographer with the help of a camera and a game of lights.